Charming Yahwallahan Behavior

An ongoing catalog of those most moral of people in the universe.

Bet this one forgot to put in “when I kill them”.

Not a surprise that Yahwallahans want atheists to die screaming for their god thing, but hey, good job acknowledging your religion is rooted in fear & fantasy.

Fauxlosopher apparently unaware of any advancement in moral philosophy other than the standard Yahwallahan credo of “might makes right”:

This one seems eminently well-balanced.

No comment really needed.

“You dumb atheists should stop caring if we kill or torture you!”

“Also, those people lost to Newtonian worldviews that make bullets and bombs possible are terrible too” said no Yahwallahan, curiously enough.

No, no it isn’t.

Yahwallahan openly admitted their wish that people they don’t like deserve painful deaths.

Deanbot reveals they just want to kill people who won’t obey them.

Yet another Yahwallahan getting off on the death of those who won’t obey.

Another day, another Yahwallahan death threat.

Evangelical pimps! LAWS of MOTION!

Translation: You won’t obey me, so you deserve to be tortured forever.

Deanbot tries denying humanity to people without religion.

Yahwallahan wants your mom to get cancer and die.

Remember how well Yahwallahans treated Stephen Hawking when he died? Me neither.

Who knew that authoritarians would advocate for slavery?


Religion: The perfect way to justify your bad behavior.

Surprise, Deanbot tries casting kids as evil in order to justify their “god” thing drowning whomever he wants, just ’cause. (Don’t worry, he has a history of victim-blaming)

It’s almost like they enjoy the thought of people being tortured forever.

You’re not the only one, @askegg.

“I hope your family dies.”

I guess this explains it.

Always nice to have these types for a fan.

You can just see the salivation at the thought of carrying out this imagined god-thing’s murderous orders.

I bet this guy would be happy to help saw the tree or personally hold people underwater.

More standard “obey or die” sentiments.

More loving Yahwallahan well-wishes.

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