More Charming Yahwallahan Behavior

Yahwallahans are such nice people, aren’t they?

“If you don’t like pretending to know things you don’t know, you’re a bad person and should just go die!” says our favorite @TomBeltz sock account.

More torture porn addiction.

Belief in the supernatural sure makes you rational.

So very rational.

Yet more evidence Yahwallahans want you dead if you won’t obey.

Did someone say religion isn’t political?

lol, what?

These Yahwallahans seem nice.

“Sieg heil” is the real Yahwallahan motto.

Remember this the next time Yahwallahans rant about their fantastic “objective, absolute, unchanging morality”.

Yahwallahans want you to obey or die. No exceptions.

Jesus is love. Republican Jesus says tear gas is love.

When Yahwallahans want to murder each other, part 1,973,705,389.

Victim of the religion of calling atheism a religion wants atheists to go die. Are you surprised?

Looks like NAMBLA has ratcheted up the victim blaming.

Religion sure does make you sane & well-adjusted.

“Glory be to the gunmen, guys”

Anyone surprised that a Yahwallahan would post this?

Another murdery Yahwallahan.

More quality.

Vegetable dogs, whoa.

Another pro-forced birth advocate wants women dead.

Victim of the angry religion of calling atheism a religion says “Have a nice day, hope you die and get tortured forever”.

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