Revenge of the Charming Yahwallahan Behavior

It’s almost like religion is an excuse for bad behavior.

“Murder gays but uh I’m still going to mix fabrics ok”

U R yet another example of the hate religion causes.

“Guys? I’m gonna murder people and I need you to back me up!”

It’s like a “why can’t we have the Dark Ages thinking again?!” temper tantrum.

Daydreaming about people who won’t obey dying is standard Yahwallahan code for “I’m going to kill you”. Also, usual attempt at atheist erasure.

Edgy boi from the awful religion of calling atheism a religion hates everyone, guys.

Aw look, racist stooge of the angry religion of calling atheism a religion shows of his torture porn fascination.

Another ROCARian wants to kill. It’s a feature of that cult, not a bug.

“If you don’t shut up and obey, I’ll kill you!”

“No, no, I don’t want you dead, I just want someone else to do it for me” – sure kid.

Yahwallahan pretends not to know why drowning people is bad.

Another Yahwallahan wants people dead, big surprise.

“My morality boils down to ‘because I said so’ and ‘might makes right’, but let me lecture you on morality.”

Yahwallahan tries labeling people that won’t obey as “genies” or “cells” because they can’t be humans, among other nonsense.

Yahwallahan wants people d–ah, forget it. You know it by now.

“If I post enough insane rants mixed with thirty thousand hashtags, someone’s going to believe me!”

Victim of the awful religion of calling atheism a religion reminds us why that cult is awful. “Jews did some horrible stuff 2” guys, that’s why they deserved it.

“I want people to suffer so they obey me” says this charmer.

Yahwallahan gives up the game and calls slavery okay.

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