Really, Really, Really Charming Yahwallahan Behavior

These really are the best people and you can’t judge because you obviously don’t have standards.

Someone tell me how Yahwallahan morality doesn’t come down to “because I said so” and “might makes right”.

Yet another lovely Yahwallahan getting off on their torture fantasy.

You guessed it, another Yahwallahan wants people who won’t buy his guff dead:

Can you guess what this Yahwallahan wants? Hint: It’s not kittens.

Lol, whut?

“Man I wish he died” is the most Sophisticated Theology ™ around

Another day, another high profile Yahwallahan trying to push their death fetish…now 20% off!

“Might makes right!” is the morality all Yahwallahans can aspire to.

“WHY WON’T ATHEIST-SENPAI EVER NOTICE ME! i’ll kill him forever for what he did”

Oh would you look at that another violent Yahwallahan.

Look at that, it’s more sadism.

“Murder is divine!”

Please, they don’t need to wait on that word to come from on high.

Sanitize people who won’t obey with fire.

How soon until this guy gets caught with the local pool boy?

Victim of the angry religion of calling atheism a religion admits that cult relies on the failed tactic of spouting nonsense and claiming it’s “enlightenment”. 

More typical atheist erasure tactics.

Member of the Religion of Peace™ wants you dead.’


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