Summertime of Charming Yahwallahan Behavior 2020

While the days may get longer and hotter, Yahwallahan behavior remains constantly awful.

Kicking things off, another Very Moral Person ™ wants to tell you their “because I said so” morals makes them special, you dummy!

Well, looks like Karen Cindy has yet another account, and is back to the usual incoherent gibbering.

Yahwallahan hubris comes out when the masks come off.

It’s really tempting to feel ashamed you share a planet with people like this.

When they can’t argue with those who won’t obey you, Yahwallahans turn on the caps lock and tell you what you think instead.

No comment needed.

Lol, whut?

Is it ever worth the mental labor of trying to educate Yahwallahans about morality? The answer is that no, it isn’t.

Cindy is up to three strokes a day now.

Definitely checks out.

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