The Winter of Charming Yahwallahan Behavior

So I haven’t been consistent about creating new blog posts (it’s kind of been a “eh, this one’s pretty long now”), so now I’ll try to make it at least every three months.

Now granted, you could easily fill up one of these posts with a days’ worth of material within a few hours of just being on Twitter. Combined with my procrastination and apathy you’ll get a (very) slow drip feed.

Another day, another wannabe-totalitarian.

Poor Cindy has thousands of stroke victim-level tweets (most of which could go here), yet not a single atheist-senpai has noticed her. Wonder why. Oh well, here’s her having a meltdown over cookies of all things.

It’s peak hate on atheist season, winter edition 2019.

Any idea what this Karen is going on about now? (When I said I could just include a feed from this user to populate these articles, I wasn’t joking)

Yet another Yahwallahan wants you dead if you won’t obey.

Surprise, another Yahwallahan wants you to suffer.

Apolotrash 101: Ask questions you don’t really want the answers to.

You won’t obey me? You deserve 1.21 jiggawatts!

Remember, Yahwallahans really love their women.

It’s just like how people who accept gravity always find themselves compelled to drop bombs on others, or kinetic energy compelled to shoot people.

You know the refrain by now.

They love their torture porn fantasies.

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